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Candles – Made in Missouri!

Below are Candles that are available for purchase. Contact me for more information and how to purchase my exclusive products.

Caramel Popcorn Candle

With this Caramel scented candle, you’ll surely enjoy the aroma of every caramel lover’s dream.

-Candle Price: $4.99

Fall Back Candle

With this Fall scented candle, you’ll enjoy the scent of simpler things.

-Candle Price: $4.99

Apple Harvest Candle

With this apple harvest candle, you’ll be reminded of apple orchards in the spring.

-Candle Price: $4.99

Pumpkin Souffle Candle

With this pumpkin souffle scented candle, you’ll wonder if you’re in a pumpkin patch.

-Candle Price: $4.99

Fall Leaves Candle

Do you love the smell of leaves on a brisk day in October? Then this candle is for you!

-Candle Price: $4.99

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